The goal of teaching Anatomy to the undergraduates & Postgraduates aims at providing comprehensive knowledge of Macroscopic and Microscopic structure and development of Human body so as to understand the clinical correlation of organs involved and the anatomical and embryological basis for the disease presentation.

Department of anatomy is fully equipped to groom good doctors and Health sciences personnels who are in great demand. Anatomy sessions have a balanced approach with a combination of didactic lectures, dissection and demonstration of cadavers, micro study of individual organs and causative factors of congenital anomalies by teacher-student interactions in the form of stages, seminars,tutorials and group discussions. Lectures are made lively with the use of multimedia devices and students are divided into groups. Students will find this to their advantage, as the teachers are able to devote more by one to one attention.

Faculty:The faculty is experienced and highly qualified, a fact that would make the course work a breeze. Experienced supporting staff in addition to faculty are more than happy to help eager student in their course studies.

Curriculum: MBBS student are given a sound grounding in gross and micro-anatomy along with developmental anatomy with its inherent anomalies. Student are also exposed to neuroanatomy and exciting elementary Genetics. By the end of the 2nd semester students are able to locate the site of lesion by application of knowledge of anatomy. The students are also taught Living anatomy and Radiological anatomy of routine and Contrast X-Rays with newer imaging techniques like CT and MRI on the basis of knowledge of cross -sectional studies during the course. Sessions of horizontal integrated teaching with other basic departments help the students understand subject in a better way.

The postgraduate programme in Anatomy aims at making the student understand the anatomical basis of signs and symptoms of clinical conditions, diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities in addition to developing a healthy personality and an excellent teacher. Departmental research lab and central research labs are equipped with latest instruments and postgraduates can pursue a research work in various fields of anatomy including Neuroanatomy, Teratology and Genetics. PG students are posted in concerned para clinical and clinical departments to prime their mind in anatomy to the growing need of application of anatomical knowledge to other branches of medicine