The Department of Biochemistry deals with the teaching of the structure and functions of cellular components such as carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and other biomolecules. The vast knowledge of biochemistry is taught in clinically oriented manner to give the best understanding about the trends of biochemical pathways in both healthy and diseased cells.

The curriculum is designed to:

  1. Train the medical students as per the guidelines of MCI
  2. Encourage the staff to update the recent biochemical advances and engage in research activities
  3. Conduct seminars, guest lectures and CME to highlight the multidisciplinary nature of Biochemistry
  4. To provide quality clinical chemistry laboratory services to patients' care

The department is well equipped with modern and state-of-art equipments. The department has dedicated, sincere, qualified and experienced faculty and technical staff – a valuable asset to put excellency towards the quality teaching and patients' care. Regular class tests, time to time evaluations and the feedback from students are the tools for the best outcome of the department. The concepts are refreshed and the students are encouraged to discuss the problems in understanding the biochemistry during the tutorials. Regular seminars make an easy medium to build up the confidence and update the knowledge. Practicals are conducted to make the students understanding the applications of the Biochemistry in the medicine to evaluate the case studies and to correlate their blood and urinary findings, builds an excellent platform to prepare the students to be a good clinicians in the future days to come.

Biochemistry department is centrally associated with clinical diagnostic laboratory including Molecular Biology Laboratory – a boon to the medicine, which are well equipped with the advanced testing system including fully automatic analyzer, Chemiluminescence and semi auto analyzers, provides 24-hours laboratory services to the patients. In addition to routine biochemical investigations, the special investigations like hormones assay and tumor markers are also being done.