Pharmacology is a research-oriented biomedical scientific discipline, taught in second year of MBBS course. Clinical Pharmacology enables a physician to acquire core skills for various regulatory and ethical principles of therapeutic practice and clinical research.

Faculty teach the course using lectures, demonstrations, seminars, clinical pharmacology conferences and small-group discussions. Demonstrations, live and videotaped, extend material discussed in the lectures and give the student practical experience with the effects of drugs on living organisms.

Teaching Methods and Media
Existing curricula list teaching methods such as lectures, practical classes, innovative methods like case-based learning, problem-based learning, interactive teaching techniques, project work, etc.

Much of the role is working as part of a scientific research team, and may include: To become a student acknowledeged with

  1. Description of major classes of drugs used in the modern practice of medicine
  2. Comparison of new drugs with old ones
  3. Principles of rational therapeutics and Personlised medicine
  4. Attitudes towards responsible prescription of drugs.
  5. Computers simulation for experimental work
  6. Pharmacy excercises
  7. Writing original papers based on research findings.
  8. Attending scientific meetings and conferences in order to present posters, and listen to presentations in various CME.

For M.B.B.S. Students, pathology is taught during the third, fourth and fifth semesters for a total period of 18 months. Students are evaluated internally, twice a semester. The program involves some of the best professors and has the backing of good facilities to experiment in.

The department of Pathology is equipped with state of the art machines like HPLC, cryostat, auto-analyzers used in thalassaemia work up, diagnosing cancers at operations and blood test respectively. State of art microscopes, microtomes and other instrumentalities are routinely employed in quick diagnosis. Full workup of diseases like cancers e.g. IHC has been made available.

First batch MBBS (2013-140 will be appearing in final exam in December 2017 before mandatory one year rotatory internship.